A solo trip to Nice, France

Most people would probably find the idea of going on holiday alone ridiculous- but I love it. Although I’m a pretty social person I also enjoy my own company a lot! I like how relaxed you can be when your on your own, you don’t have to take anyone else’s opinions or preferences into consideration – just do exactly what you feel like. I like the peace and quiet of not having to make conversation. I like just sitting people watching and letting the world go by, and Nice is an ideal place to do that!

So I wasn’t originally going alone, I was going with my friend Becky who lives in Oxford. However her being the typical scatty but lovavle idiot that she is (yes we have that in common) she forgot she had plans on the day we were meant to fly so she booked a flight to come out and meet me the following day, which meant I was really only going to be in Nice on my own for a day and a half, which suited me perfectly. I checked in to my hotel, about a 10 minute walk from the beach in the centre of the town then headed out for an aimless wander.

Nice is very pretty! Capital of the French Riviera, it mixes old world, traditional charm with luxury and glamour flawlessly. I instantly fell head over heels in love with it! It’s exactly what you would imagine the South of France to be, colourful romantic buildings, crystal clear blue sea, cafe lined streets and glorious sunshine. I couldn’t have picked a better place to spend a couple of days on my own.

Breakfast in Ballanger – This gorgeous and very pink cafe situated on the Avenue Jean Medecin, the main street leading to the promenade is bursting at the seams with decedent donuts, waffles, crepes and other sweet treats. I don’t have a massive sweet tooth but it just looked too good to walk past!

Views at Colline du Château – I stopped off at the I LOVE NICE sign for a very touristy photo – but as usual its almsost impossible to get one without anyone else in it! Just across the road is the enterance to the steps. It’s a bit of a long walk up the stairs to reach it, especially in the midday heat, but totally worth it! The panoramic views over the beach and city are stunning. It’s also a really nice place to chill out, the gardens are lovely and there is a waterfall up at the top.

Dinner on the Promenade de Anglais – I loved wandering along this street admiring the sunset, the impressive archetechture and browsing menus of the many little restaurant that line the promenade. I opted for Les Jardins du Capitole, it was lively and busy which is always a good sign. I was trying to be good so I went for a salad with fresh shrimp, smoked salmon and avocado, and it was amazing! The service was absolutely perfect and the waiter even bought me a glass of wine, people are always extra nice to you when you are alone!

Browsing the Markets in Vieux Nice – The old town is a maze of colourful alleyways, cobbled streets and pastel buildings filled by bustling market stalls selling food, art, flowers and handmade goods. I found a charming restsurant called Les Ponchettes and relaxed in the sun with a cocktail and enjoyed a good dose of people watching.

Swimming in the Med – The beach in Nice is beautiful, however it is a pebble beach so not the most comfortable to sit on. Luckily there are lots of places to get a lounger allowing you to sit back in comfort and take in the stunning colours of the ocean. The sea is SO clear it’s unreal and going for a dip is so refreshing after baking in the sun!

Nice completely captured my heart and I will definitely go back again and this time I will definitely spend a few more days. There are so many day trips and places you can visit around here so it’s the perfect base for exploring more of the Cote D’Azur on a longer trip.

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