My Backpacking Beauty Essentials for Staying Young

Travelling in your late 20s is a lot different to traveling in your early 20s. Not only do you have different priorities and see things from a different perspective; it also has a different effect on you pysically. When I was younger I could party all night and get up after only a couple of hours sleep feeling ready for the next adventure and without looking like death. I could eat crap for weeks and my skin would look healthy even if my insides were not! I could use a face wipe to remove my make up and not end up with breakouts. Now I need to put a lot more effort into not looking like shit, and as travelling can seriously accelerate the aging process I’m having to work harder than ever not to come home from this trip looking 10 years older! And even though your standards may slip whilst backpacking (in more ways than one!) everyone wants to feel and look nice now and again  Here’s how I manage to keep people saying ‘wow I wouldn’t have thought you were 29!’

  • Moisturiser with SPF – Sun damage is the number 1 way to age your skin. There is nothing hot about looking like a tomato so sun protection is essential, however when in comes to putting sun cream on your face it can leave you looking oily and sweaty and it can block pores and cause spots. I always use a moisturiser with SPF in it, as its so much better for the delicate skin on your face. It means you can put make up easily on top if you want to, or go au natural with a healthy glow rather than that thick greasy layer you get from suncream.
  • A hydrating body butter – Its not just our face that can be aged by the sun. To prevent your skin getting that dried and leathery look in the future I recommend a deeply hydrating body butter that helps your skin retain its moisture and elasticity. I use one which contains shea butter, to increase the skins natural barrier function, and baobab fruit, which is a natural humectant and improves the skins appearance (even reducing the appearance of stretch marks!)
  • A good line cream – Experts say we should start using anti-ageing skincare in our mid 20s. As mentioned above, nothing speeds up the aging of your face like the sun, and being in the sun for a prolonged period of time like I am at the moment its vital to use something that stops those premature lines forming. Luckily I dont have many wrinkles yet, but I use this on the fine lines on my forehead and also in areas where wrinkles are likely to appear such as the corners of my eyes and around my mouth as a preventative action, and so far its keeping them at bay.
  • Eyelash Treatment – For years and years I had worn false eyelashes every single day – whether strip lashes or more recently, extentions. I finally quit this addiction about 9 months ago, and as you can imagine my natural eyelashes were in a bit of a sorry state. But I persevered and invested in a good eyelash treatment and now my lashes are fully recovered, and if I may say so myself, pretty enviable. This treatment is like a clear mascara you put on every night and on days you are wearing no make up. When travelling you can’t always be bothered putting make up on, (especially when getting up at 5am to go watch the sunrise), but still want to look good in the photos! This gives you thicker, longer natural lashes, so you pull off that natural beauty look. 
  • A multitasking mud mask – The elements can be pretty brutal on you and you’re never exposed to them as much as you are when backpacking. There may be days when you can’t even wash your face! Sometimes your camping in the outback, or the hostel has no water, or your on a bus for 24 hours! You often have to eat food thats not exactly full of vitamins and minerals and let’s face it, you may drink a little more alcohol than you usually would on a weekly basis. All of this isn’t going to leave you looking a million dollars and your poor face can really take a beating. Every so often I give my face a little pamper and whack on my favourite mud mask. Not just is it a nice way to relax for 20 mins, it draws all the dirt, oil and toxins out of my pores and leaves my skin feeling super clean and most importantly, spot free! It can also be used on cold sores or mosquito bites to draw out the bad stuff!
  • A good eye cream – Not everyone is a lucky as me and can sleep peacefully for 12 hours on an overnight bus. These long journeys, combined with the odd late night with one too many shots of tequila can have a devastating effect on those dreaded eye bags! My Tru Face Ideal eyes cream takes the dark circles away as well as reducing bags to keep your eyes young and wide awake.
  • Sea salt spray – No matter what your hair is like – whether its a thick and unruly mane like mine, or its thin and lifeless – sea salt spray makes it better. I didn’t bring a hairdryer with me and my hair can be a little bit crazy when left to its own devices, so a little spritz of this after I’ve washed it and it dries naturally and wavy – sexy beach waves with no hassle!
  • An intensive moisturing treatment – The altitude here doesn’t just tire you out very quickly, it also massively dries my skin and lips out. Add to that the sun, sand, sea, dust, mud I’m coming into contact with my skin gets really dehydrate. At least once a week I put on my Creamy Hydrating Mask which I leave on for 24 hours and then rinse off and my skin is glowing and hydrated.
  •  Supplements – Its not just the outside that can make you feel or look older, we need to look after the inside too to stay young and healthy. I use a few different suppliments daily, and while I recommend them all, OverDrive has been my saviour on this trip. I am certainly not the fittest person in the world but I’ve done a hell of a lot of walking and climbing mountains in the last 4 months and Overdrive help to ease the pain after exercise so I’m still able to get out of bed the day after a 20km hike. They also stop you getting tired out as easily which is great when your stamina levels are as low as mine!

  • Whitening Toothpaste –  I knew I loved this product, by until it ran out and I had no was of replacing it I didn’t realise just how much I relied on it! I drink coffee almost every morning, and I drink red wine probably more than I should, but my teeth had stayed perfectly white thanks to my AP24 toothpaste. It coats the teeth with a protective layer which means stains can’t stick to the enamel and leaves your teeth feeling clean for the whole day. When I ran out and had to chang toothpastes I noticed my teeth feel like they need brushed again as soon as I’ve eaten and I’ve noticed the staining returning, which has led to my decreased intake of coffee and red wine, which is not enjoyable!

  • My lip plumping gloss– At home I very rarely go anywhere without make up, but here I think I’ve probably went bare faced on more occasions than not. But one of thing I can’t live without is my lip gloss! Not only is it the only thing that hydrates my dry lips, but it plumps my lips up to look fuller and more defined.
    What’s your beauty essentials?

I could easily add another 10 items to this list, but ive tried to narrow it down to the ones I couldn’t leave home without. What are your must have beauty/personal care products for travelling?

If you would like advice or more details on anything mentioned in this blog please comment below or contact me through my facebook page.

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