I Couldn’t Sleep Last Night

Now there’s a sentence I never thought I’d say! I am a professional sleeper – I can sleep anywhere, anytime, in any situation. Its quite a talent actually. But I couldn’t – partially due to nerves and excitement and partially due to Scott snoring in my ear. So after maybe an hour of light snoozing my alarm is going off at 3:15am. Of course there was some last minute panicking as I struggled unsuccessfully to close my backpack, and some serious dilemmas of which items I could live without for the next 4-5 months. The hairdryer was thrown out in a rage as I prayed some other people were as impractical as me and travelled with a whole array of hair styling tools and I’d be able to borrow as I go.

We arrive at Heathrow, get to the check in desk and the lovely lady says the dreaded words, “do you have a return flight booked?’ I knew this was going to happen. No we don’t. And I called the airline to ask if we needed to have one. Twice. “No its not a problem if you only have a one way flight booked” I was told. Twice. But now we are told “Sorry you can’t board without onward travel booked.” Oh here comes the tears. Another talent of mine – I cry at everything, like everything. Its uncontrollable. So in a sleep deprived and extremely emotional state (that’s just me, Scott was infuriatingly calm as always) we tried to find the cheapest refundable ticket out of Brazil. Done. Get back to check in desk and tell her we booked a bus to Argentina in 4 weeks. She prints our boarding passes and doesn’t look at the bus ticket. Are you shitting me? I just risked cardiac arrest and ruined the make up I got up at 3:30am to do so that my airport photos looked good and you aren’t even going to check that I’ve booked something?! Deep breaths Rachel, deep breaths!

So after all that we didnt even have time for a customary airport drink, we just ran to the gate, got through just before it closed – then had to stand in a queue for half an hour. Aye right! I could have necked 2 glasses of prosecco in that time! Then we look at out boarding passes and discover we dont have seats together. Great. And to top off this highly sucessfull morning I’ve had so far, I’ve just realised that I’m wearing Scotts converse instead of mine, which are 2 sizes too big.

But to be honest none of this really comes as much of a surprise to me or is unusual. This is just what happens in my life on a daily basis. I don’t know why, it just seems that things never really go my way. Just a indication of what’s to come!

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