Hello Unemployment

So I’m now technically unemployed! Yesterday was my last day at my full time job and this makes me very happy. If you dont know already, Ive been living in London for the past year and a half and working as a restaurant manager. Now I’m not saying I hated my job, actually, all things considered I really liked my job. I am very good friends with my boss, so working with him was ace and he didn’t tell me what to do very often (beacause I hate being told what to do!), my team were fab (most of the time) and 90% of our customers were an absolute pleasure to look after. The other 10% I wanted to kick in the shins and are what made me want to tear my hair out! And theirs. Mostly theirs. But everyone who’s ever worked a day in hospitality will know the type and I could rant forever about the stupid, rude and completely absurd things people say and do, so I won’t even start! But I did have a little tear in my eye when one of the waitresses hugged me and told me she loved me and would miss me. So while I can’t say that I LOVED working 12 hour shifts almost every weekend, its definitely been an positive chapter in my life. I’ve made some friends for life, highly improved on my management skills and built up the burning desire to escape the rat race once again and get back out and see the world! 1 WEEK TO GO!!!!
For now we are on our way to Scotland to celebrate Scotts birthday with both of our families before we jet off!

(Written on 23rd June 2017)

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